Guided Bowfishing Trips

Reelfoot Lake is a great place for springtime bowfishing adventures! During this time of the year the waters of Reelfoot Lake are perfect for shooting Carp, Bowfin, Gar and Buffalo. We shoot on Reelfoot Lake and the surrounding areas. Current conditions play a role in where we will hunt. We have multiple boats set up to bowfish to help better accommodate larger groups.

What to bring

• Any snacks or drinks (Alcohol is not permitted)
• Insect Repellant if needed
• Shooting gloves are recommended

Bowfishing Package
Rate Per Person Per Night - $250 

-We have the Lakeside Lodge as well as Parker's Place available for lodging on our bowfishing trips.
-The rate for our package is $250 per person with a 3 person minimum (or $750) and a 12 person maximum
-This rate includes dinner at the lodge you will be staying in before we go on the trip
-This rate includes lodging for each night of the hunt after the hunt is concluded
-The usual bowfishing trip lasts 4 hours of actual hunting time
(This time does not including travel time by boat to where you start hunting as we like to leave before it gets dark and go over hunting procedures and safety instructions)

*Additional time spent on the water past the normal 4 hour bowfishing trip is up to you while you are out on the trip but a $100 per hour rate is applied after the 4 hour hunt time has concluded if you so choose to hunt later into the night.

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